Basic Rules for New Escorts


1/23/20212 分読む

#1 Rule : Being Professional 

One of the most important rule to remember as a newbie, Make sure you’re polite throughout your first session. Your customer will remember that and come back for many other dates also could lead to a huge tip for you.

Whatever you do, don’t forget you’re there to provide companionship in exchange for a donation. Don't give your client the impression that he or she can become your lover. 

Never use the word “love” with a client. They might interpret it the wrong way

Never rely on clients to provide condom's, show professionalism by always carry a pack of condoms in your purse

If you notice that your customer isn’t clean, don’t have sex with him; simply say no and suggest another activity. In case he or she refuses, leave.

You must have 100% control over the man or woman you’re with. If you lose that, they will have the impression that they can boss you around as they see fit. 


Don't allow client to disrespect you - Just Leave 

#2 Rule: Screen new clients

If you don’t want to end up with a potentially aggressive customer or a time-waster, you should always screen your clients before meeting them. "Recommend outcalls only". Screening a client you want to know as much as possible about the client. Then you’ll get to decide whether or not you want to meet them. Make sure they provide you with their name, phone number, exact Hotel address. Use Goggle if don't know the hotel, Please do your researcher before going to meet any client. 

#3 Rule: Be punctual

If you want to land positive reviews, you need to be punctual. We even recommend arriving at an outcall 15 minutes early to avoid traffic or other unexpected issues. If something urgent comes up, tell your client in advance about it and, if they’re OK with it, reschedule.

#4 Rule: Donations

Once you’re at your client’s hotel room or private residence, politely tell them that you’d like to see the donation at once. If they don’t agree, leave. Is the sum the one you agreed upon? If it is, make sure your customer is alone in the room. In case someone else is there, leave the place.

#5 Rule: Transportation

Always  arrange for your very own transport to and back from your client’s home or hotel.