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Our Escorts
All our Escorts are employed by Midnight Owl Ex and have chosen to be listed on our website. Adult services are matters between you as the client and you chose


No Pimps here, our ladies are the boss they can accept or decline appointments ( escorts have 10 mins to accept or decline appointments ) - we will notify you if accepted or decline - if decline we will recommend your second choice or the escort that is available.

Original Photos
Midnight Owl Ex only uses 100% genuine and actual photos of our escorts/models.


We understand discretion is very important to you, and trust me, it is to us also! We delete All personal information at the end of each shift, keeping no personal information on file. Some of you may not want to give your name or personal number, but the safety of our escorts is as important as your discretion, and we must know where they are when they’re working. Not to mention, how would we get hold of you when the lady arrives if the elevator to the hotel is locked or she can’t find the hotel - home - apartment.

We only use your number when getting your lady to you

Midnight Owl Ex Provides our clients with companionship whatever happens between two mature adults (Client & Escort) is between them.

Our Escorts are often new in this business. They are not professionals and do this as a side-line, they either have another job or are studying.

We take care of the psychiatric health of our Escorts by permanently and intensively supporting them. However, we kindly ask you, as our honored client, to also take care of our escorts so that in future they will also have fun in their part-time job. We expect respectful handling of our Escorts. Only this will create perfect harmony.

Should any of our Escorts be abused, we will undertake all necessary legal steps. Unpleasant occurrences will be registered and sent to the blacklist.

Furthermore, please note that our Escorts do not give their private numbers and refuse to meet you privately without the agency. Therefore, please do not ask!

Manila Travelling Fee 1000 PHP

(Only apply for Angeles City Escorts traveling to your location in Manila)

Angeles City, Clark Travelling Fee 500 PHP

(Fee covers the taxi traveling to your location inside Clark or Client can send Grab to escort location for easier traveling to your inside Clark location)

Services provided by an escort to you are based on the lady’s sole discretion. Information in the services section on the escort’s profile page is based on the data provided by escort herself.

If an Escort says no for a service, which she doesn’t offer, it means NO. Please accept that.

You can arrange an appointment with one of our escorts by e-mail or by phone or by text messaging or by Viber and WhatsApp

Appointment requires:

- Your name

- The exact address of hotel or apartment or house

(by hotels we need in addition your room no.)

- Your phone number or if a hotel, the hotel number. So that

we can confirm the meeting back.

In the case of international travel, we need a pre-payment of the travel expenses (normally the flight cost) plus 50 % of the agreed rate.

You’re required to make payment after 15 mins upon escort arrival if payment isn’t made your escort can decide to cancel the appointment and leave

We accept :

Cash (USD - EUR - PHP)


Western Union

Money Gram

( Contact our customer support for info )

In the unlikely event, where you are unhappy with your chosen escort or her service, please contact us immediately so that we can interfere. After the appointment, we are not able to react, however, any complaints are taken very seriously and it helps us improve our service.

We aim to please and would welcome any feedback

Please don't hesitate to contact us by all means provided on our site.